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It’s no secret that I’m a huge Serena and Lily fan. From the very first time I ordered my first  throw pillow from them I instantly fell in love.

Island Home Interiors_Serena and Lily_Pillows

Island Home Interiors

Their brand has always resonated with me as a designer and I always find a way to use a piece or two throughout my designs.

Island Home Interiors


If I could outfit my entire home in Serena and Lily I would as I just plain love them. The colors, tones and textures are quite the fit for us and our clients simply love them!

In the spirit of just having some fun- I mean it’s Friday afterall, I pulled together a few of my bedroom favorites to share with you. This is to serve as inspiration on your next Guest or Master Bedroom Coastal project. I know these pieces are a bit on the pricier side but I’m a huge advocate for quality and you just can’t mix quality and cheap in the same sentence. Even if it’s just a single signature piece that you use, you can build upon it with less expensive items to create a beautiful and functional  Coastal bedroom.

Island Home Interiors Serena and Lily Bedroom favorites

May 13, 2022




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