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Accessories are such a fun way to bring life into your home and to show off your personality!

It’s always the final stage in the design process and honestly one of the most forgotten aspects by most homeowners as the major furniture pieces usually steal the show. Without these final touches, your home just wouldn’t feel complete.  Save yourself some dollars for this final layer of design as it is equally important to ensure a complete cohesive look. 


Here are a few fun and unique pieces from your local TJMaxx and Marshalls that will fit the coastal bill without breaking the bank:

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A number of these pieces can be used for styling a bookshelf, your coffee table, your nightstand or simply on any surface that feels bare. Also leaving some empty space is also necessary to give your eye a break. Don’t shy away from empty spots. Negative space is a good thing!

Be sure to balance your colors and textures and not go overboard. I do believe there is a limit on accessorizing before it becomes clutter and so the perfect balance is required to achieve a specific look. Simplicity is key to achieving a calm and tranquil space and if you want your home to feel like a retreat always remember “less is more”.

Happy Shopping!

May 13, 2022




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